The Tech Leaders Training Program

The Tech Leaders Training Program


The key to better team alignment in a fast paced environment?

Non-Technical Skills Like People Leadership and Management

Our training program combines cutting-edge management frameworks with timeless people leadership skills.

Who is this virtual mentorship program for?

  • Software Engineers who want to build their leadership style and skillset with frameworks to build, manage and grow teams
  • Engineering Managers and Directors who want more control of their team without micro managing or burning out
  • Executives who want more ROI from their engineering org to scale faster

What will I learn in this online program?

You'll learn how to:

  1. Hit more deadlines with higher expectations and tighter team alignment in a fast paced environment
  2. Stop working on the wrong stuff and doing throwaway work with better time and process management
  3. Work smarter with prioritized time management to prevent burnout and the dreaded "mass exodus" of employee turnover
  4. Increase your Personal Influence to build consensus with your peers, negotiate outcomes and resolve conflicts
  5. Grow your team into leaders of their own with an environment of positive and willing accountability
  6. Keep the hiring bar high as you grow to consistently recruit "A-Players" that level up your teams

... and much more

Why is now the right time for me to enroll?

Most people wait until it's "too late" and management problems are already taking their toll on team morale and product quality.

Instead of waiting for the problems to arise and having to dig yourself out of a hole, be proactive in learning these people skills just like the next code framework.

When can I start?


You can join the 12 week program anytime.

What’s Included?

  • Video training courses
  • Templates, frameworks, guides and worksheets
  • Weekly Live coaching (Zoom) with personalized advice
  • Private Slack community for a "mastermind effect" to network and learn from other engineering leaders

How does it work?

  1. After you enroll, you’ll schedule a Diagnosis call with us to deep dive into your goals, challenges and opportunities.
  2. Next, we’ll help you make an Action Plan with milestones to check KPIs and iterate on your roadmap.
  3. Then, we’ll provide trainings and guidance as you execute your Action Plan.
  4. 1-on-1 coaching with us as challenges arise and new goals are set

The Mentors

Stephen Bates has been an executive leadership coach for 2 decades, helping leaders and managers make better plans and decisions, navigate "messy people problems" and create opportunities at the right time.
The technical side is provided by Todd Larsen — original Founding Software Engineer at who had to learn "on the fly" through trial and error on the journey from IC to EM. He assembled his lessons learned and mentorship from top leaders in Silicon Valley to create the program he needed for his teams during hyper growth phases at a B2C FinTech company.

The Investment

  • $5,700 per enrollment
  • 3 hours per week


Ready to get started?

Just send a message or book a call to apply.