Technical Due Diligence

Technical Due Diligence


My DD process has 3 components:

  1. Technical Analysis of your product stack and infrastructure
  2. Risks and Recommendations document
  3. Consulting on how to approach Risks and Recommendations

The 12-factor SaaS Analysis

Todd will identify any scalability “choke points” that could be problems in the future by going over your entire tech stack with a focus on 12 key areas:

  1. Codebase best practices
  2. Test coverage
  3. Front End
  4. Back End
  5. 3rd party Integrations
  6. Build and release systems
  7. Production Processes (monitoring and observability)
  8. System parallelization and infrastructure scalability
  9. Data Disposability & Durability
  10. Development/Staging/Production system parity
  11. Logging and analytics
  12. Admin and Support Operations

Your Risks and Recommendations Doc

Todd will provide a written document of my findings that includes highlights of the best parts, near term and long term risks, and recommendations for future-proofing.

Then, we'll prioritize it by impact to the business and effort required to change to clarify what to do in which order.


Inevitably, your next questions will be “how do we fix it” and this can rarely be answered in a single document.

So you’ll also get 3 consulting sessions with Todd to spend going over the Risks and Recommendations document and discussing how to actually implement the changes.

I can either help your team make it happen or we can discuss taking care of it for you with developers on my team.

Your Investment

  • $3600 DD fee
  • ~2 hrs/week of your time for 4 weeks