Growth Consulting

Growth Consulting


The "cheat code" for scaling quickly?

Delegating your biggest problems to someone who's solved them before.

My hands-on consulting is the fastest path to getting leverage with your current resources.

Who benefits the most from Todd's consulting?

  • Executives who want a "right hand man" to fill gaps between CEO/CTO/CPO/COO
  • Venture Capitalists and Board Members who want to ensure maximum ROI with an expert stakeholder involved in the day-to-day

What are some examples of how Todd has helped teams like yours in the past?

  • Co-created a new product and go-to-market strategy to transition a sales-led growth company to a product-led growth paradigm
  • Aligned commercial KPIs with the product roadmap and technical execution to avoid throwaway work
  • Helped shift a company culture from founder-centric to customer-centric to expand product/market fit
  • Inventoried each resource to identify value for an in-coming CEO to understand roles, responsibilities, risks and rewards of an existing org
  • Conducted technical due diligence to identify risks and opportunities for a rapidly growing tech stack
  • Installed a hiring funnel for attracting, vetting and closing top talent in a competitive recruiting environment
  • Led OKR writing workshops to train cross-functional teams on how to write, use and feedback OKRs quarter-over-quarter towards annual goals
  • Hired and managed niche experts who fixed an esoteric technical problem with scalable video streaming ahead of a critical deadline with a new customer

... and much more

When can we start?


Get in touch first, but I focus my efforts so there may be a waitlist.

Whatโ€™s Included?

  • Co-creation of OKRs to align goals with stakeholders and execution
  • Daily availability for you and your senior leadership team
  • Done-For-You solutions (hiring, product strategy, engineering architecture, etc.)

How does it work?

  1. Deep dive diagnosis into your Senior Leadership Team's ways of working, problems and opportunities
  2. Co-create OKRs with you and SLT to integrate with your entire org
  3. Co-create the project lists with your teams to achieve OKRs
  4. You and SLT will receive execution support from me and my team on projects
  5. Private calls with you and SLT to iterate on feedback, strategy and project lists

Your Investment

  • $15k per month (3 month commitment)
  • A few hours per week from your Senior Leadership Team


Ready for me to take your biggest problems off your plate?

Just send a message or book a call with me.